Statewide engineering job postings immediate the automotive trade to nonetheless recruit

COVID-19 has had a big adverse influence on Michigan’s financial system and workforce. In April 2020, through the first lockdown order, the unemployment charge in Michigan rose to 23.6% from 4.0% in March 2020. Charges have progressively come down to eight.2% in September and 5.5% in October 2020. Sadly, it nonetheless exceeds pre-shutdown charges.

Opposite to what the unemployment charge would possibly point out, statewide engineering job postings haven’t adopted this vital adverse development. In actual fact, between January and October 2020 (YTD), a median of two,547 engineers have been employed per 30 days. This isn’t vital in comparison with the 2019 common of two,711 month-to-month engineering hires, as shared within the 2020 Michigan Automobility Report. Nonetheless, there’s proof of the results of COVID-19 when analyzing the distinctive engineering job postings per 30 days. Once more, this isn’t as necessary as may be assumed. Earlier than the closure in March, there have been 13,050 distinctive engineering job postings in January 2020. The bottom level is in September 2020 with 7,744 distinctive job postings, which is nearly half the quantity in January 2020. The development lastly turns to an uptrend with 8,226 distinctive in October 2020. Job postings, solely 2,700 lower than in December 2019.

The slight decline in distinctive engineering job postings in comparison with the regular variety of engineering hires per 30 days signifies that the automotive trade has been hit by the financial impacts from the shutdown and subsequent COVID-19, nevertheless, it’s nonetheless a driving power in Michigan’s restoration. Shall be and return to a pre-COVID-19 unemployment charge. As Michigan’s largest trade and the middle of the state’s financial system, it’s critical that it continues to function to generate income and job alternatives.

There isn’t any change within the high counties or cities that posted engineering jobs. MICHauto shared the 2020 Michigan Automobility Report. The highest counties have been Oakland, Wayne and Macomb; And the highest cities have been Detroit, Auburn Hills and Dearborn. That is true from 12 months to 12 months. Nonetheless, there was a slight change in the kind of engineering jobs posted. The highest engineering jobs posted in Michigan in 2019 have been design engineer, management engineer, product engineer, high quality assurance engineer, and venture engineer. The highest postings in 2020 (YTD) are Management Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and High quality Engineer. This may occasionally point out a slight change within the forms of merchandise in manufacturing or an effort to reorganize the workforce inside firms.

To view updates on engineering job postings, go to the MICHAuto Automotive Indicators web page. View 2019 job posting statistics from the 2020 Michigan Automobility Report.

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