Espa With vs With out Make-up: What Does Every Member Look Like?

Ever since Espa made its debut underneath SM Leisure in November 2020, the 4 members have been making headlines not just for their addictive songs, their futuristic idea, but additionally their CG-like visuals. With its rising reputation, Espa has established itself as one of many high idols among the many fourth technology.

However underneath their flawless make-up, the members of Espa show why they’re one of many high idols when it comes to visuals. Plus, see how Karina, Winter, Giselle and Nyning look once they’re not heating up the stage subsequent stage,

What does every Espa member appear like with out make-up?

1. Karina

(Photograph: Fb: Espa)
aispa kareena with make-up

Kareena has undoubtedly grabbed the eye of each Okay-pop followers and non-fans for her beautiful visuals. Whereas she is selling, Kareena’s scenes are heightened together with her flawless pores and skin which makes her appear like a real-life, animated character. Relating to her make-up, Kareena normally shines within the recreation, her make-up being targeted on her eyes and lips.

When Kareena is performing, her eye make-up consists of sunshine eyeshadow in nude and pink tones together with a great quantity of glitter and gems and a protracted eyeliner. She normally pairs pink, pink and coral shades of lipstick with it. Kareena’s blush is normally the identical shade as her lipstick.

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Espa Karina

(Photograph: Fb: Espa)
espa kareena with out make-up

However when Karina is off stage, the “Black Mamba” hitmaker lightens her make-up to skip the glitter. And when she isn’t sporting any make-up, Kareena continues to point out off her flawless scenes which aren’t a lot completely different from her scenes with make-up on. No surprise she had a gleeful pre-debut!

2. Winter

aspa winter

(Photograph: Fb: Espa)
aispa with winter make-up

For winters, when she places on make-up, the idol radiates a beautiful, but fierce aura. Throughout Espa promotions, Winter normally has extra easy make-up. In comparison with the opposite members, Winter’s eyeshadow is lighter, with an emphasis on her eye and lip make-up.

Her eye make-up normally consists of a lighter shade of eyeshadow, paired with an extended eyeliner to intensify her eyes. Winter’s make-up additionally contains glitter and sequins, which normally seem on her decrease lashes. Though her blush is normally mild, she makes up for it by sporting a daring lip color.

aspa winter

(Photograph: Fb: Espa)
espa winter with out make-up

When winter is resting and she or he would not have a schedule, her scenes get much more cute and harmless! Her no-makeup scenes look youthful and carefree, which is as charming as it’s when she’s heating up the stage.

3. Giselle

espa giselle

(Photograph: Fb: Espa)
Espa Giselle with Make-up

Relating to Giselle, she exudes an attractive, but harmless attraction whereas selling with Espa. When she is busy acting on stage, Giselle’s make-up emphasizes her massive eyes which might seize anybody’s consideration, and normally tones down her lips and cheeks to create an ideal stability.

Giselle’s eye make-up is a bit heavy in comparison with her different members, as is her focus with eyeliner. Whereas Giselle applies eyeshadow, glitter, and sequins, it is normally much less so as a result of she makes use of thick and lengthy eyeliner. For her lips, it is normally pink and nude tones.

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espa giselle

(Photograph: Fb: Espa)
Espa Giselle With out Make-up

Nonetheless, Giselle is not afraid to point out off her makeup-free scenes. Truly, she is the member who typically shares her footage with out make-up. Even when she isn’t sporting any make-up, Giselle appears to be like as glowing as ever. Many individuals can not help however love her clear pores and skin!

4. Nanning

espa ning ning

(Photograph: Fb: Espa)
espa nuning with make-up

And at last, Nanning. When she is collaborating in performances and occasions with Espa, Ningning is the heaviest and darker make-up member than the others. Along with her make-up look, Ningning exudes a extra horny and mature vibe.

Ningning’s eye make-up normally consists of smoky eyeshadow in brown, pink and pink tones. Together with this, she additionally applies darkish, winged eyeliner to provide a cat-like look. Nanning additionally likes to go for a shiny lipstick, which is normally in shades of pink and pink.

espa ning ning

(Photograph: Fb: Espa)
espa nuning with out make-up

However when Ningning removes all her make-up, she manages to take care of an attractive aura together with her naked face. Nonetheless, she nonetheless exudes a youthful glow. No surprise many individuals can not help however fall in love with the scenes of Ningning on and off stage!

What do you concentrate on the scenes of the members once they have make-up on versus with out it?

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