Demon Slayer: Who’s Genitsu Agatsuma?

WARNING: Large Monster Murderer Manga Spoilers Beneath

with demon slayer The Leisure District arc of the anime adaptation, the collection is on the forefront of up to date Animaga information. Latest episodes have thrust the primary forged of Genitsu, Tanjiro and Inosuke to the entrance of followers’ minds.

In consequence, they’ve been interested by Zenitsu Agatsuma’s backstory and skills. Whereas his bare-bones legacy has been lined, followers are nonetheless within the skills and background of the younger Thunder Respiratory Demon Slayer Corps member.

demon slayer Followers are interested by Zenitsu’s backstory and skills as he, Tanjiro, and Inosuke star within the anime’s present arc.

Zenitsu Agatsuma Backstory


Within the story of Zenitsu demon slayerSadly, he begins by taking a mortgage for the girl he loves. Sadly, she elopes with another person, thus leaving Zenitsu with debt and no lady. Genitsu is then taken in by Jigoro Kuwajima (who additionally takes care of his money owed).

Jigoro is a former Thunder Hashira and takes him to Zenitsu to coach him within the strategies of thunder respiration. The 2 develop a beautiful bond, much like that of a grandfather and grandson, therefore why Genitsu calls Jigoro the Gramps.

There was additionally one other pupil named Kaigaku, who typically punished genitsu for calling out Jigoro Gramps and his different delinquent habits. Kaigaku additionally appears to be indignant with Genitsu, consistently criticizing him for being, amongst different issues, a crybaby.

In the future, whereas Genitsu was hiding in one in all Jigoro’s timber (which he thought would put him to dying), he was struck by lightning. Zenitsu survived, however his hair modified from black to the trademark yellow coloration seen all through the collection.

It’s the last piece to ascertain Kaigaku and Zenitsu as literary foils, now distinct in all the pieces from method to look. Though Zenitsu additionally feels detrimental in direction of Kaigaku, he nonetheless respects his fellow pupil, in contrast to Kaigaku.

From right here, Genitsu’s story unfolds from its first look. demon slayer, He passes the ultimate choice, receives his Kasugai sparrow (as an alternative of a crow), after which meets Tanjiro Kamado, begging a lady’s hand for marriage. Zenitsu will then focus his anger on Tanjiro and ask Tanjiro to guard him till he’s married.


Tanjiro and Zenitsu then arrive on the Tsuzumi Drum Demon’s home, the place Zenitsu can hear a drumming when neither Tanjiro nor the kids can. This demonstrates their wonderful sense of listening to, a capability that will probably be mentioned later.

Upon getting into the home, Tanjiro and Zenitsu are separated, revealing one other of Zenitsu’s skills. demon slayer,

From Genitsu’s first look, we will inform that he’s somebody who is consistently intimidated, longs for marriage, and genuinely feels that he won’t dwell lengthy as a demon slayer. Whereas Genitsu is a coward total, he has moments of bravery and good intentions.

An ideal instance is him saving Nezuko’s field from Inosuke Hashibira, regardless of realizing that there’s a demon inside as a result of he is aware of it is very important Tanjiro.

Though he survived the ultimate choice, Genitsu was clearly not mentally ready to change into a correct demon slayer. But his powers and skills give him that talent when he’s in the fitting mindset.

It’s also carried out on the Tsuzumi Drum Home, the place Zenitsu jumps out of concern and within the course of cuts off the top of a demon in a single fell swoop.

Whereas he clearly has lots of expertise all through the story, there may be one extremely related encounter to his backstory.

On the finish of the collection, Zenitsu learns that Kaigaku turned a demon due to Kokushibo. It’s right here that we be taught that Jigoro killed himself due to Kaigaku’s flip and the disgrace it brought about.

As their combat begins, Kaigaku makes enjoyable of Zenitsu, consistently teasing him as a result of he’s solely able to one strategy of thunder respiration. Additional portraying him as a literary foil, Zenitsu reveals that the one method he can do is a Kaigaku can’t.

On the finish of his combat, Zenitsu demonstrates a model new, never-before-seen Thunder Respiratory method he is created. This kills Kaigaku, and thus, Zenitsu rescues his tragically late grasp.

Powers and Talents

A few of Zenitsu’s biggest inherent strengths are their extraordinary sense of listening to and their capacity to understand the feelings of residing issues by means of their listening to. When assembly Tanjiro, he remarks that he appears very sort.

He’s additionally in a position to inform by means of his listening to {that a} demon is inside Tanjiro’s field, which he nonetheless chooses to rescue for Tanjiro’s sake.

So far as powers and skills go, followers additionally be taught by way of flashback that Genitsu can solely carry out Thunder Respiratory’s first method. That is one thing that makes Genitsu very insecure, even with Jigoro telling him that if you happen to can solely do one factor, do it brilliantly.

Zenitsu undoubtedly takes this to coronary heart, as he is ready to stack a number of Thunderclaps and Flashes on high of one another and do them in fast succession.

Whereas dealing with Kaigaku in his last combat, it was revealed that Zenitsu made his seventh look for the Thunder Respiratory Type. Dubbed Honoikazuchi no Kami, Zenitsu makes use of it to defeat Kagaku and finally combat with him on equal floor, for which he created the method.

It is an attention-grabbing depth to his foil that Kaigaku relied on Muzan’s blood to change into stronger, whereas Genitsu constructed his methods.

It is also value noting that the creation of a brand new know-how is simply seen as soon as within the collection, when by Giyu Tomioka. Tomioka can be a Water Hashira, on this respect evaluating Genitsu to a Hashira.

Though Genitsu’s lack of mastery over different varieties would throw a wrench on this comparability, Genitsu remains to be considerably of a Hashira-level demon slayer.


Along with his swordsmanship and respiration model, Zenitsu additionally possesses a terrific preventing IQ and immense stamina and endurance. As well as, his velocity and reflexes are extremely near the extent of a demon, or probably even that of a Hashira. demon slayer,

in brief

Though identified for being considerably of a fearful cat, Zenitsu is able to hanging out with the perfect demon slayer in virtually any scenario. He’s one in all two characters to create a brand new search for his respiration model, one thing solely Hashira is proven to do.

Genitsu’s backstory can be extremely related to him as a personality, particularly when he fails with Kagaku. The best way their tales collide and resolve within the last chapters of the collection is finished brilliantly, delivering each a correct and well-written finale.

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